"If you can get this thing rolling you are going to move adult marketing ahead by several months with it. Right now people in adult just don't understand RSS and are actually threatening each other over the use of their feeds. I'm a cheer leader on it."

"EVERYONE is going to have the opportunity to do more and better when this kind of stuff starts rolling. RSS has shown itself in mainstream to be a raising tide that can lift all boats, just a matter of convincing the Adult marketers that it will help them not steal from them."

Dane Morgan
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RSS feeds provide a way for webmasters and publishers to syndicate their content across multiple other websites with relative ease and low cost. There are literally hundreds of thousands of websites now utilizing RSS Feeds to deliver recent articles and news to their visitors.

RSS Benefits?

As the web becomes busier and busier surfers have started to look for the information they need on more sites and, with this cut in the amount of sites your surfers are visiting the need to be able to deliver the exact type of content to them as quickly as possible has increased. This is where RSS comes into play, it is a method of article / information delivery that happens the instant a visitor to your site loads a page with the RSS Feed on it.

RSS Feeds - Technically Speaking.

RSS Feeds are written in a programming language calles XML, which is one of, if not, the most simple programming languages to utilize. Web publishers using XML can easily and effectively parse the RSS feed and dynamically create web pages the contain headlines and summaries that continually update in return, providing their site visitors with constant news, articles, jokes or just about anything else text based as it happens / becomes news.

What Can RSS Do For You?

In essence the main benefits of RSS to you are as follows..

A) You will be able to provide fresh, updated relevant content to your sites visitors.
B) Your content is always updated. This saves YOU time working your site.
c) Your content delivery is automated again, meaning you cut down your work times.

Of course as well as the benefit to you, RSS will also increase your surfers browsing experience in the following ways..

A.) Access information quickly and efficiently.
B.) Read the latest news in condensed form.
C.) Navigate the information in an easy manner.
D.) Spend les time filtering through spam.

Utilizing RSS.

RSS feeds however need to have a delivery method attached to them, the most common method of RSS delivery is to utilize something known as a 'reader' or aggregator on your site, this will ensure that the feed you are using is constantly up to date for your surfers.

RSS If You Are A Developer.

While the majority of benefits of utilizing RSS appear specific to Webmasters and Surfers as a developer of RSS technology you also shouldnt overlook the benefits to you for example, if you have written articles, stories, news pieces then RSS to you as a developer will become a very valuable product in your search for traffic. In essence RSS will allow you to..

A.) Increase your branding online.
B.) Increase the way you communicate with your users.
C.) Delivery content more effectively.
D.) Define yourself as an expert.
E.) Automate content delivery globally.

RSS Feeds - An Overview.

RSS has in a short space of time since becoming more popular quickly established itself as the market leader in real time, continually updated news and information. Because of this surfers are looking for the information they require to be delivered, faster, clearer and easily. If you are not yet utilizing RSS on your websites then you are losing out. It is that simple.

Article written by Lee.

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